In addition to creating music, Jeffrey Brian is also an author who has spent many years documenting his distinctions and discoveries. Please scroll down to see what books are currently for sale.


The smallest act of kindness towards someone is much more key to our evolution than any awards, material goods, or money we may obtain is.” – Author Unknown

Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity

If you’ve ever questioned the saying; there’s a thin line between genius and madness, the uncensored, unedited journals of Jeffrey’s late twin brother, Eric Lewis Liebowitz, a.k.a.“Zack Havoc” just might make you reconsider. Recognized early on as an extremely gifted child, Eric scored a 168 on an I.Q. test before reaching the first grade. His many artistic expressions as a musician, performer, and writer blossomed as a teenager. By the age of 23, he and his twin brother would gain worldwide notoriety in the rock band The Jesus Twins heard on the Howard Stern Show. Eric Liebowitz seemed destined to enjoy a bright and successful future living his dream as a rock star.

Unexpectedly, in the summer of his 23rd year, his personal world would begin to unravel. Only several months after being courted by nearly every major record label in the country and the same week of a provisional appearance on The David Letterman Show, Eric was brought to a mental hospital by the Los Angeles Police Department. There he was clinically diagnosed with having classic Bipolar Disorder II, with psychotic features. Soon after, his identical twin brother and the other half of the singing duo The Jesus Twins, Jeffrey Brian Liebowitz, became his legal conservator in the state of California. What follows is the foundation of this book, written by his alter ego, Zack Havoc.

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A Walk Towards Heaven

The first book in a three part series, similar to The Conversations with God series, where Jeffrey Brian extrapolates about what it means to be a CONSCIOUS dog owner and how to allow this process to become what it truly was intended to be, a most PROFOUND SPIRITUAL AWAKENING. This book begins to uncover the long suspected belief but not often validated idea that much more may be at work when you and I bring home a dog.

Throughout A Walk Towards Heaven, Jeffrey invites the reader to tag along with him and his three male pit bulls on a narrow and winding journey leading through unexpected twists and turns. The book is bountiful with serendipitous discoveries and plenty of inspiring moments. Together, both the narrator and reader open up a window of ancient timeless truths, once peeked through, can never be closed again. This book may not only affect the way you choose to raise your dog, but may also change our entire paradigm of what dog ownership was truly intended to be about and how to allow that new higher perception to not only heal yourself, but begin to heal others as well.

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