This page is dedicated to the 4 most important souls in Jeffrey Brian’s life who have crossed over;
Eric, Christina, Brian and Dina.




Eric Lewis Liebowitz

Jeffrey’s identical twin brother, Eric, passed away August 5th, 2008. He will never be forgotten. Click here to view his book.





Christina Maria Cerilli

Christina Maria Cerilli was Jeffrey’s best friend and songwriting partner. She passed away October 2nd, 2007. Her spirit lives on. Click here to watch a clip from her Tribute concert.







Jeffrey’s soul mate, Brian. Albeit a dog, this was Jeff’s guardian angel and teacher. He crossed over March 9th, 2007. Brian guides Jeff from Heaven. Click here to see what this amazing spirit named, Brian, inspired.


Dina Michelle Liebowitz

Jeff’s sister, Dina, was the guiding force behind his life for a number of years. She was the one who first introduced him to Vegetarianism and Spirituality. She crossed over on June 6th, 2011.